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Kathy LePar Testimonial

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I made arrangements with the House of Healing in Marblehead, Ohio to provide massages for myself and 5 of my friends.  We went in groups of 2.  Jennifer Collins, the owner, was so accommodating and very helpful.  I had never been there before, but in looking at the website, it just seemed so inviting.  And it was!  The house itself is so full of relaxation, you just know when you step inside, you’re going to totally enjoy the next hour of your life.  And boy do you ever!  The sounds, the smells, the massage … what a great experience!  I can’t say enough about Jennifer’s massage … and as I understand it from my friends, Nicole is just as great!

          You owe it to yourself.  One time and you will be hooked!  They even have heated cushions on they massage tables!

          What a great experience!  I can’t wait until my next appointment.


                                                          Kathy LePar

Charlene Loudenslager Testimonial

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Two years ago a doctor recommended for my back and sciatic problems to try massage therapy.  He suggested several therapists that were very good; one was Jennifer Collins at the The House of Healing, Marblehead, Ohiio
I have been a client of Jennifer Collins since 2007.  Words fail me as to express how much her therapy has helped.  To me, she is the best of the the best and in the past I have been to several massage therapists.
Massage therapy works and is comoforting and most relaxing.  It is a joy to go to the House of Healing.
                                                                            Charlene Loudenslager

Kathy Victor Testimonial

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I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for most of my adult life, but was not diagnosed until
about ten years ago.  Ten years prior to the diagnosis, I had gone to a top rheumatologist
in Northeastern Ohio and has been diagnosed with early onset of osteoarthritis at 40 years old.
When describing to the physician my unusual onset of severe symptoms, he recommended that
I come back during one of those episodes.   But I let it go untreated until a massage therapist
talked to me about FMS (Fibromyalgia).  

Prior to going back to the rheumatologist, I started weekly massage therapy and found that
I was getting relief from some of the worst symptoms.  When diagnosed with FMS, my
rheumatologist  advised me that the benefit I was receiving from massage therapy was reducing
my severe FMS symptoms.   He not only recommended that I continue, he even wrote a prescription
for me to continue it.  

I fought the fatigue and pain for more than 20 years before I was finally diagnosed.
It wasn’t until I started weekly massage therapy that I began to get some relief.
As I read more and more about FMS, I realized there were other things that I could do to
get further relief:

  • Sleep at least 8 hours per night and strive for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine … especially in the afternoon or evening.
  • Avoid refined sugar.   Keep it for a treat and keep it minimal.
  • Get regular exercise.  Not difficult over-the-top exercise … just simple cardio and
  • some moderate strength training.
  • Stretching is a must!   Moderate Yoga is excellent.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible.

#1 & #2 most important are massage therapy weekly .. or at least as often as your budget will allow
and keep your thoughts as positive as possible.   Negative thinking will only make the symptoms worse.
It’s essential to keep a good outlook on life and count your blessings.

While some think of massage therapy as a luxury, I look at it as a necessity.   I would gladly give
up something else to have the money for my weekly massage therapy.   It not only helps the physical symptoms, it helps the mental symptoms too.

I have had regular weekly massage therapy since the mid-90’s and continue to leave an active productive life
with very manageable FMS symptoms.   I have had many different therapists over the years and have found
Jennifer Collins to be one of the best for my overall FMS symptoms and well-being.  

Take control of your FMS … don’t let it control you!   Start regular massage therapy now and get on the path
to a better quality of life!

Kathy Victor

Even the Chiropractor couldn't help...

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Thank you Jennifer for giving me relief from my pain.  Being a new patient and Vendor, I wasn't sure what to expect from Massage Therapy or if it would help my back.  Even though the session was only a half-hour it was still enough to release the pain in my back muscles and allow them to relax.  About three days later, my muscle spams had stopped completely and allowed my shoulders and back skeletal to shift back into proper position.  I was greatly relieved to be free of the pain that even after three weeks of chiropractor care I was unable to find.

Thank you so very much.


Frank Beier
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