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Jennifer Collins, LMT & Associates
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Jennifer Collins, LMT & Associates

Jennifer is a 2003 graduate of The Northwest Academy of Massotherapy in Toledo, Ohio. She has been working in the Port Clinton/Marblehead area for six years now.

Jennifer opened “The House of Healing” in March, 2006. The house was built in 1939 and serves as the perfect setting for her Massotherapy business. A sense of peace and relaxation captures you the moment you walk through the door.

Along with Swedish Massage, experience one of Jennifer’s other specialties…

Reiki: this Japanese technique is performed by a series of hand positions that begin at the head and work toward the feet all while the client is fully clothed. Recipients report feeling clamed and nurtured after their session. Reiki is an excellent modality for people in the treatment phase of cancer, following surgery, or when touch and pressure are contraindicated.

Stone Therapy: delivers the principles of geothermal therapy – alternating the application of heated and chilled stones to the body. It is a deeply therapeutic, relaxing, grounding deep tissue and cleansing treatment that aims to create balance & harmony on all levels.

Lymphatic Drainage: a gentle touch technique used to help stimulate the immune system and promote a state of relaxation and balance within the body.